Seasonal sensitivities:

If we sneeze and dry cough (cough without phlegm) or experience itchy nose, itchy eyes and runny nose during certain times of the year, it may mean that we have seasonal allergies. Pollen from plants, trees and weeds are the most common causes of seasonal allergies.

While the term seasonal allergy is generally associated with factors found in nature such as grass and plant pollen, there are a group of other factors that can irritate the respiratory system such as:

Smoke: the time of fire in the summer season and the use of the fireplace in the winter season
strong odors
Presence of chlorine in outdoor or indoor swimming pools

Seasonal allergy symptoms:

Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, ear irritation

Asthma, otitis media, itchy nose and eyes


Diagnosis of seasonal allergies:

Conducting clinical examinations

Blood tests to measure IgE

Performing allergy skin tests

Seasonal allergy treatment:
Drug treatment that can be inhaled and orally
Allergen immunotherapy (allergy vaccine) in cases where the cause of the disease is diagnosed after allergy diagnostic tests.



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