Dr. Majid Kamayi

Dr. Majid Kamayi, born on December 2, 1312 in Tabriz, completed his elementary education in his hometown and after receiving his high school diploma with a high rank in the medical exam, he left for the capital to continue his studies.

After graduating in medicine from Tehran University, he went to the United States and first became a pediatrician in Detroit, Michigan, and completed a pediatric residency at Harper Hospital in Detroit, after which he obtained a specialist degree in allergy and immunology. And he completed his allergy residency at Children’s Hospital in the same city in America.

After completing his studies in America, Dr. Majid Kamayi returned to Iran and spent his military service as a doctor in the armed forces (gendarmerie). He founded the Tehran Allergy Clinic in 1348 along with Dr. Mohammad Tawaf. The super-specialized clinic was engaged in investigating and diagnosing allergies as well as treating patients with allergies based on the latest scientific findings and modern methods.

He is one of the first people who has conducted extensive research and research on the country’s diverse and extensive vegetation and airborne particles, which are different due to the pollination of plants in each region and cause seasonal, respiratory, etc. sensitivities, and the results of these studies It has been published in the form of scientific articles in the prestigious medical journals of that time.

Dr. Majid Kamayi, one of the pioneers of this field in the country and the father of Iranian allergy science, until the end of his rainy life on 11/18/1397, was engaged in treating patients in the Tehran Allergy Clinic, where he was one of the founders and president. R.I.P.

Dr. Mohammad Kazem Tawaf

Dr. Mohammad Kazem Tawaf Rashti was born on April 1, 1304 in Rasht, in 1329 he completed his higher education in the medical field of Tehran University with honors. After graduation, he was first an assistant to Professor Adel and then Dr. Iqbal.

In 1339, he managed to obtain a degree in domestic specialization from Tehran University. Then, in 1341, they completed the hospital management course at Namazi Hospital in Shiraz for one year, where they were always excellent students.

In memory of Dr. Mohammad Kazem Tawaf, they went to France to study allergy and in the beginning of 1345, they obtained their specialist degree in allergy from Professor Wolfrom from the University of Paris.

After coming to Tehran, he was treating patients in his private practice, and then, together with the late Dr. Majid Kamayi, he established the Tehran Allergy Clinic in 1348, and until the end of his rainy life on 10/22/1399, he was treating patients.



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