Eye allergy:

Eye allergy symptoms range from slightly annoying redness to severe inflammation that causes vision impairment. Ocular allergies can involve the ocular mucosa. On the other hand, eye allergy can be seasonal or permanent like other types of allergies. In which season the allergy can occur depends on which plant pollen the person is sensitive to.

Causes of eye allergy:
Tiny creatures in dust (mites)
Pollen of plants
Pet dander and other household items

Types of eye allergies:
Eye conjunctivitis:

It is one of the most serious eye allergies that may occur throughout the year and its symptoms recur, although it is more common in spring.









The symptoms of this allergy are:

itchy eyes
sensitivity to light
Sensation of a foreign body in the eye
eye redness
Eczema around the eyes

This sensitivity is more common in the elderly, where the conjunctiva and the inner layer of the lower eyelid are involved. These people usually suffer from allergic rhinitis and asthma at the same time.

The symptoms of this allergy are:
burning eyes
Eye redness
Severe itching of the eyes
Thick discharge from the eye that causes adhesions

Eye allergy diagnosis:

Conducting clinical examinations by a doctor

Blood tests to measure IgE

Performing allergy skin tests

Eye allergy treatment:
Drug treatment that can be taken orally
Allergen immunotherapy (allergy vaccine) in cases where the cause of the disease is diagnosed after allergy diagnostic tests.



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