Chronic cough

The first thing that comes to every person’s mind with continuous coughing is a cold, but if these coughs continue, they can be caused by allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis (allergic nasal inflammation) and allergic asthma.

Plant pollen, animal skin, very strong perfumes, stress, physical activities and very cold weather can all be factors that aggravate these coughs.

As long as a person experiences the sound of wheezing while coughing, the probability of developing asthma increases. People with this type of asthma experience dry coughs.

Taking antitussive drugs has no effect on people suffering from allergic coughs and there is a need for specific treatments.

Factors that aggravate allergic cough:
Pollen of plants, trees and grasses
Mold and fungi
Some medicines or food allergens
Airborne particles, cigarette smoke, environmental pollution
Cold or some diseases
Sports and physical activities
Weather conditions such as cold, heat or humidity

How is chronic cough diagnosed:
X-ray imaging of the chest and, if necessary, a CT scan to examine the lungs
A spirometry test to test lung function, during which the amount of air that the lungs can hold and the rate of exhalation are measured.
Perform an allergy skin test
Investigating other causes of chronic cough such as gastroesophageal reflux, chronic lung disease, drug side effects, etc
Treatment of chronic cough:
Drug treatment that can be inhaled and orally
Allergen immunotherapy (allergy vaccine) in cases where the cause of the disease is diagnosed after allergy diagnostic tests.



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