Asthma: Asthma disease

Asthma, or in other words, bronchial asthma, is a disease that affects your lungs and causes the airways to become narrow and swollen and blocked by excess mucus.

It is worth mentioning that asthma is a chronic disease, which means that it cannot be cured, but its symptoms are controllable and require medical control.

Types of asthma:
Allergic asthma:

Some people’s allergies can cause asthma attacks. Most of it has a family history, which usually improves with age in children.

Non-allergic asthma:

It mainly happens after 30 years of age and has nothing to do with sensitivity or allergy. Respiratory infections are one of the causes of this type of asthma.

External factors such as exercise, stress, illness and weather can aggravate asthma symptoms.

Childhood asthma: often begins before the age of 5 and can occur in infants and children. Asthma is slightly more common in children than in adults.

Sports asthma: This type of asthma is caused by exercise and is called bronchospasm (contraction of respiratory muscles) caused by exercise. which usually intensifies when a person is in dry and cold weather.

Occupational asthma:

This type of asthma happens to people who are in contact with environmental stimuli such as dust or chemical fumes.

Signs and symptoms of asthma:
Shortness of breath
Cough (especially at night)
Chest tightness or pain

You may not have all of these symptoms listed together in each asthma attack, and you may experience different symptoms at different times, and these symptoms can change between asthma attacks.

Diagnosis of asthma:
X-ray or CT scan of the chest that helps to diagnose disorders or diseases related to the lungs. In addition, lung imaging is done to rule out other diagnoses, and normal lungs are often reported in asthma.
Lung function test through spirometry (in this test, the patient blows into a tube and the lung function is measured)
Skin test (helps in diagnosing allergic asthma)
Some of the most common environmental allergens:
Pollen from plants including grasses, trees and weeds
Hair and skin of pets such as dogs or cats
Cockroaches and house dust mites
Asthma treatment:

It consists of several parts:

Drug treatment that can be inhaled and orally
Allergen immunotherapy (allergy vaccine) in cases where the cause of the disease is diagnosed after allergy diagnostic tests.



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